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Have a boys black and white reversible jersey or a girls purple and white jersey you no longer need? How about some shorts? 
You can pay it forward by donating or selling your jersey to another family on a newly set up Facebook group “JJYLax Uniform Exchange”.
Follow that link and click join group (note you will be added as quickly as possible, facebook requires groups to vet members).  Once in the group, simply post the size, gender and uniform number on the page for others to see and make a match! ideally post a pic too. 
If you are in the market for a new uniform, join the group and look for a match.  This will be the only place JJYL is hosting an exchange, so if you are not on facebook, join now or get a friend to post or watch for you... Don't forget to follow the JJYL page for the latest news and updated.
We hope this online exchange will help make a match for some of you so we can recycle uniforms that are too small for the current owner. JJYL is setting this up as a service for our families and is not involved in any of the transactions.  Any issues, questions, etc should be worked out between the seller/donator and the receiving party.

Please note that the JJYL store to order a uniform will close on Feb 1 - so please make sure you get a uniform or order one by that date.  See pics of our boys/girls 2018 uniforms and ordering instructions here.
Our New Uniform Policy
In 2018, we are expanding the uniform program the girls initiated in 2018.  Instead of building the uniform into the cost of registration and getting a new one each year, it is now a separate process so you can reuse your uniform from prior years or if it no longer fits purchase a new jersey or shorts.  
If you haven’t yet registered for the spring season, do so now at before fees rise on February 1.